Sealine Group LTD

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planetnaia 18-68 Mosocw Russia

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Company Description

Dear Sirs,

Our company is the big  exporter of liquid chemical products in Russi
a and former Soviet Union territory. We are working with most Russian petrochemical plants and exporting about 150 000 mt/year of liquid and dry  chemical products.

We deliver chemicals to our partners in Europe (Turkey, Germany, Italy
, Spain etc), also to Middle East (Israel and Egypt) and China.

We work trough Russian and Ukrainian ports and biggest
forwarding companies for more than 10 years,  so we have advantages with the logistics and  costs of delivery to any point of the world.

Currently our list of products includes more that 20 different chemicals. We deliver ch
emicals in tankers, bulk vessels, trucks , road tankers and containers.

Here is the list of products we can offer 
; from Russian  and Ukrainian plants

1.     Butyl Acetate and Ethyl Acetate (D

2.     Polyethylene glycol grades 200, 300, 400, 600 (steel drums or PET drums)

nbsp;    Polyethylene glycol grades 1500, 4000, 6000 (50 kg bags)

4.     Acetone (t
echnical grade) bulk

5.     Monoethylene glycol

6.     Diethylene gly

7.     Monoethanol amine , Triethanol Amine

8.     Diethanol amin

9.     Amonium Nitrate (bulk, big bags)

10.  Sodium Cyanide (powder or brique
ttes in steel drums 85 kg and 50 kg)

11. Adipic Acid

12. potassium nitrate
13. sodium acetate

. acetic acid  (bulk and drums)

15. ammonium bicarbonate

16. sodium nitrate

17. Sintanol A

18. Sintanol ALM-10

19. Rubber SBR 1502

20. Iso-butanol

21. N-butanol

p; styrene monomer

24.  IPA

25.  2 EH

26.  Ortho-xylene

.. and other products.

We are sure that working with our company will be interesting for you

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