F&J International Group

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12f Block A
New Shanghai International Tower
[Zip/Postal Code:200120]

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Company Description

F&J International Group set up its F&J International Trade Co., Ltd. in 1992. With its first bucket of gold earned in the early times of its business operation in East Europe and relying on the low price and good quality of China's merchandize, F&J Import & Export took the challenge of the serious material shortage in East Europe after the dramatic change and started its import and export business in textiles, lighting, food and daily utensils and laid a good foundation for F&J's later development.

In order to increase its overseas business, F&J Group started making investments in China in 1995 and F&J Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was set up in Xi'an, which serves to develop new products and seek product suppliers together with F&J Group's other import and export companies. In 2002, an import & export company was officially established, and then in 2003, a general import & export company was set up in Shanghai of China. F&J International Group has set up its independent regional import and export companies in Europe and South America to ensure smooth operation of its import and export business in the respective regions.

Taking advantage of the price superiority of China's light-industry products, F&J Import & Export is exploring its new business mode, taking an example as setting up joint ventures in UK. Involving a wide range of products such as wood, industrial materials, electrical appliances and textiles, F&J Import & Export is one of the important sources of benefits of F&J Group's side businesses. F&J Import & Export is an integral part of the F&J business model and an important means of its development of new products and markets.

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