GIZEN Campingcar Co., Ltd.

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173 Hyuam-dong
Chungcheongbuk-do 361-310

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Company Description

GIZEN Camping car Co., Ltd is a company that developed and introduced camping cars to Korea for the first time. The company obtained self certification of camping cars and special automobile production by the Korea Transportation Safety Authority under Ministry of Construction and Transportation.

We manufacture inexpensive yet high-quality c
ars, and we have delivered specially ordered automobiles to Korean Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Special Mobile Force of Korea Coast Guard, and Air Force.

To develop more safe and effective camping cars, we have established our own insti
tute. We contribute to the spirit of Korean camping culture by focusing ondistinctive quality development. To achieve this, we work in academic-industrial collaboration.

We have the technology which enables us to provide maintenance to products
- other companies' products as well as ours-and because we are located in the center of the country, we have advantage of high accessibility.

The settlement of accounts for the year 2005 shows that we have 0% of debt. We try to manage a steady,
reliable company rather than a big one. Every employee is working hard to make the company secure and strong.  

We were not satisfied with the present position of manufacturing camping cars and special automobiles, and extended the bu
siness to camping car rental service and sale of camping car parts.

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