Health-Love Co., Ltd.

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4~5F Korong Tower
1450-1 Gwanyang-dong
Gyeonggi-do 431-060

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Company Description

A company advancing together with healthy nature - Health Love

The people today, who in t
heir everyday lives are significantly distant from the natural environment, always miss the mother nature. As soon as we approach the nature, the vitality of nature brings us a wonderful gift, just like the hands of our mother. Handful of dust, drop of water, breath of air, and a nameless flower blooming on the plains -nature is the precious treasure we all must take care of.r>
We, Health Love, motivated by the simple fact that everything we eat, drink, and enjoy start from the nature, are strivi
ng for righteous development of the Bio industry, which benefits both the people and the nature.

To pursue the goal of
providing the best natural health service, we, Health Love, are meeting the customers with products of advanced functionality and distinguished products, strictly controlled of their quality from product development, selection of ingredients, materials, and manufacture, along with construction of sanitary and scientific facilities.

Also, to win the confidence of custom
ers, since our foundation in 2000, we have educated the importance of right dietary habits and health through Health Lady, for healthy lives of the citizens. We are researching continuously, for realization of health and happiness in our families and neighbors. Health Love always maintains a learner's attitude. We will carefully listen to words of each and every customer.
br>To make better products, we will exchange technology with prominent local and foreign health supplementary food product companies and acquire the advanced technology of foreign products. We will keep endeavoring and improving, until the day we can gain your full confidence and meet you in your everyday lives.

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