Dr. Chung's Food Co., Ltd.

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1-25 Songjeong-dong
Cheongju-si Chungcheongbuk-do 361-290

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Company Description

Dr. Chung's Food Co., Ltd. was established in 1973 and, since then, has been leading the soy milk industry of the world as well as of Korea. Now it has grown to be the biggest company on earth specializing in soymilk.
r>In 1968, while conducting research on ways to help children suffering and even dying from lactose intolerance, Dr. Chai-won Chung, developed Vegemil, which became our main product, as he founded Dr. Chung's Food Co., Ltd. in 1973 to increase the supply. With our continuous view to supplying the most nutritious and best quality goods, we set up our Central Research Institute in 1984 and have since dedicated ourselves to product development and quality improvement.
As a result, we now provide custo
mers with 3 lines of products, which can be categorized into 3 groups. The vegemil group includes nutritious drinks that are developed to provide vegetable nutrition often lacking in today's westernized dietary pattern. The greenbia group is composed of special nutrition foods for various patients and the health-conscious general public. And the sunmond group comprises refreshment drinks which have opened a new era in the sports beverage industry. As of 1999, we have 11 vegemil business offices, 7 sunmond business offices, and over 350 agents, all of which are actively operating, as distribution channels.

Health Ladie
s (sales representatives) gather feedback information from consumers through direct contact with them. By means of these many organizations, our company has earned over 60% of the domestic market share. Furthermore, our entire family continues to work toward becoming a world-renowned company.

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