Zhejiang Tiantong Electronics Co., Ltd.

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99tianzhou Road
[Zip/Postal Code:200233]

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Company Description

Zhejiang Tiantong Electronics Co., Ltd. (TDG), listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange, develops and manufactures MnZn and NiZn based soft ferrite cores. The company has over 300, 000 m2 production space, with fixed asset exceeding 90, 000, 000 USD. Its state-of-the-art equipment includes thirty lines of tunnel kilns with automatic nitrogen protection, eight lines of covering kilns, all imported from Germany and Japan, more than 400 pieces of equipment for powder processing, baking, pressing, and milling, and advanced characterization tools. Tiantong has over 2700 employees, including 560 technicians, 210 R&D engineers, and over 50 senior technical staff.

By hiring and retaining world-renowned experts as consultants and teaming up with prestigious universities worldwide, Tiantong has set its roots in the academic and scientific communities, and developed its core competence in the R&D of high-performance soft magnetic ferrite materials and related technologies. It currently undertakes several state- and province-sponsored key projects to develop specialized ferrite powders and magnetic cores for EMI and telecommunications applications.

Tiantong has built a large portfolio of products, including ten series of MnZn magnetic cores and five series of NiZn materials. The magnetic cores made from 35 different materials cover a broad range of specifications, meeting special requirements such as high EMI resistance, high power handling, high magnetic conductivity, and low loss. The NiZn product family made from 20 materials is equally diversified, addressing the needs in high-frequency, low loss, high Bs, high mi, and heat-shock-resistant applications. These products have been widely used in a large variety of industries, telecommunications, instrumentation, automatic control, lightening, computers and peripherals, office automation, and military industry, to name but a few. Following the trend in building hi-tech products, it continuously offers"lighter, thinner, and flatter"magnetic components to delight customers.

Tiantong produces over 20000 T magnetic materials each year, serving both domestic and foreign markets. Nearly 50% of its products are exported to 20 countries in Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia.

Tiantong is an ISO9002 certified company. Built on its cutting-edge technology, largest manufacturing capacity, and strict quality control system, it has become a recognized leading provider of magnetic materials and components. It is ranked among the top 100 enterprises in China, and is a key enterprise in Zhejiang province. Energized by reform and innovation, Tiantong keeps focusing on continuous product development, quality improvement, and business growth, fulfilling its promise of bringing attractive returns to shareholders. While constantly enhancing its core competence, Tiantong takes full advantage of a favorable financial position to extend its business and technology thrusts to related industries. Emphasizing on results and innovation, cherishing efficiency and creativity, Tiantong has adapted well through a rapidly changing marketplace.

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