Alphatronics Co., Ltd.

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2F Seokjeong B/D
1358-4 Seocho-2dong
Seoul 137-863

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Company Description

A Mobile Phone is created by astonishing development of "wireless" information telecommunication technology which eliminated wires. This mobile phone enables modern people move freely. The number of worldwide subscribers increased dramatically up to 1.4 billion, and it's over 33 million in South Korea only.

Therefore, the necessity of ultra-
fast charging in emergency relentlessly increased and the engineers in Alphatronics started their research on the issue already in September 2000 and finally developed SPEERON brand which put Alphatronics No.1 position in South Korea, as well as the world best leader in a same industry.

SPEERON, which is different from 1-time charger which is discarded after 1-time char
ge and contaminates the earth, is always waiting for you. Look for it! SPEERON is providing satisfactory wireless digital life wherever people are, including convenience shops, hotels, resorts, PC game rooms and public saunas, etc. Even in some convenience shops in Hong Kong and Taiwan, SPEERON is providing wireless digital life.

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