G & D Co., Ltd.

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82 - 51 -...
Han-glass Bldg.
Busan city
Busan 601-837

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Company Description

We are the exporter of Water Purifier.

Please refer to the following summary for our
roduct and contact us if you have buying
inquiries.  We are welcoming you anytime.

1. Characteristics of
   - No need electric power.
   - Our products consist of four filters and one
nbsp;   functional cartridge.
   - This water still contains the inorganic
minerals after purifying, different from
     reverse osmosis. The quantity of inorganic
sp;   minerals existing in water is very small
     comparing to the quantity our bodies need

     but very important to keep our health.
   - E ?-water treated by our water purifier
     very microscopic and similar to the size of
     water cluster existin
g in human living body
     cell, and so easily absorbed into body.
   - Including EM-X c
eramics in the system, the
     antioxidative function caused by EM-X
trols the oxidation of various substances
     inside cell resulting into the delay of
   - Light alkaline water full of inorganic
  - Totally 11 stages of water-purifying perform
     the nearly perfect purifying.

2. Ap
plication : Home-use water purifier

3. Competitiveness
   We can say that our Water Purifier has the>   better functions than any other product
   existing on earth at present, and not so
; expensive.  While we are totally considering,
   we have pride of that our Water Purifier is
p;  competitive enough in any market.  Of course,
   we know that our products should be accepted

   by customers in overseas market as we have
   done in domestic market.  That is our fi

4. Requirements for Inquiry
   Would you please inform us the following
nbsp;  details when you send us an inquiry ?

   ? Your business scope. (install, filter
;    exchange, after-sale service etc)
   ? How many years have you worked in this field

      (selling water purifier) ?

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