Distress Call Center

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I am Fredrick Micah Sam the marketing manager for Distress Call
Center,we are pleased to forward this introductory and proposal letter
to you
Distress Call Center specializes in installing and monitoring security
alarm systems.

We are here to solve the long standing problems of robbery,theft,fire
and even assault issues in you offices and homes.Get a robbery
distress call system installed in your home or office,When under
attack o robbery just press a button on the well or on your remote

The signal is immediately activated and within seconds the police are
alerted and they are right there at your door step.The same applies
for fire and ambulance situations.
All you need is to call us to have a distress call system installed
for you.When in distress just press a button or the remote controls
provided and the nearest police patrol will be at your door.The good
thing is the system show us the exact location where you are no matter
how winding your house or office may be.So the police patrol can get
there fast with precision.

The same apply for fire and ambulance situations

Sensitive smoke detectors are also installed to our system so we get a
signal when your premises are on fire.

We would be grateful if we could have an opportunity to make a
presentation to you or your staff to enable them keep safe for you

Thank you,We know you are busy but do call.With Distress Call Center
your security is assured


Fredrick Micah Sam
Marketing Manager

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